Travel photography in Italy – Florence/Firenze – Day 1

Travel photography – DAY 1 in FLORENCE – Florentia/Firenze

Travel photography - ItalyAfter a combined 12-hour flight including a quick stop over in Frankfort I arrived in Florence to searing heat & having just left Johannesburg of freezing temperatures, this was a mind blow! Not only the heat, but also Italy & the Northern Hemisphere are in the middle of their summer so it was heaving with tourists from all over the world.

I read a stat on the flight that Italy has become the most visited country in Europe…what was I in for? If I had had my own way I would never have gone in July, but beggars can’t be choosers!

During the short taxi trip to the Hotel Pendini that is situated on the Piazza della Repubblica, I took in the architecture & I was astounded at the pastel colors of Florence down town. The long, high & narrow alleyways. It is “old”, “ancient” & really “historic”. The drivers are maniacs. They speed up narrow alleyways as if there are no other vehicles on the road. Scary indeed.

Before long I had checked in to the stunning Hotel Pendini & was off on foot to many of the sites that had to be photographed. Whilst making my way to the famous Piazza del Duomo (the most famous of Florence) I noticed along with many tourists how many Gelateria’s there are on each block…this is amazing ice cream! Bravo Italia!   This really is a travel photography dream.   Take a look at some of the other travel photography examples from the Italy trip.

It was sensational to take in the architecture & how astonishing these buildings are after centuries. Taking the best angles & lines of the Duomo complex, which included the admirable “Giotto’s Bell Tower”, the “Baptistery” (with its golden bronze doors), the famous “Porta del Paradiso” & finally the “Cathedral” with its magnificent “Brunelleschi’s Dome” which can be seen for miles all around Firenze!

travel photography - ItalyThe next tourist attraction to capture was the Uffizi Gallery, which has the world’s eldest museum where one can see famous paintings by Renaissance painters such as Leonardo, Giotto, Michelangelo, Botticelli & Raffaello. The Uffizi Gallery represents a stage where many of Florence’s current artists can be seen chalking up portraits of tourists & there are many street performers to admire as well.

On route I also took in Piazza Signoria, which has some of the most breath taking statues I have ever seen. It is a great pity that the most famous of all, the Statue of David was not open to the public due to cleaning…who cleans a statue in the middle of your tourist season? Evidently the Italians!

The famous Ponte Vecchio with all its famous gold smith shops was a hive of activity. It was virtually impossible to move in the area so a decision was taken to move on to the stunning Piazzale Michelangelo where the most scintillating panoramas can be taken of Florence. It was an eventful walk to get to the top as the square overlooks the city. I witnessed & photographed the city with an amazing sunset. What transpired was that I had not given much thought to the fact that sunset in Europe at this time of the year was at about 21h00!!! So having got there at about 18h00 I had more than enough time to suck on a few of the local “Moretti” Birra…66cl of the stuff. “Uno Grande birra perfavore”. This is one great beer!

Once the sunset had come & gone and all the images needed had been captured it was off back to the City to take in some night photography & of course my first real Italian supper. Yay! The next day we were all off to the next part of the journey, which was taking a train trip across the country from Tuscany to the Ligurian region & Cinque Terre.  Looking forward to more travel photography tomorrow.

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